Construct a Parallel-Hexagon with GEONexT

NOTE: If a security pop-up menu appears in your browser, please choose RUN/ALLOW to let the applet run properly. It is completely safe & can be trusted.

On the right screen (board 2) a parallel-hexagon is shown - a hexagon with opposite sides parallel. Drag any of the red vertices to see how it changes.

Construction challenge: Under the menu Objects/Lines select Line Segment, Parallel line, etc. to construct your own parallel-hexagon on the left screen.

Measure all the angles. (Under the menu Objects/Lines select Measure angle, and select the 3 vertices in order that determine an angle). What do you notice about the angles of a parallel-hexagon? Check by dragging. Can you explain (prove) why its true? Go to Parallel-Hexagon for a hint, if necessary.


For more information about the software, go to GEONexT from the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

By Michael de Villiers, 30 July 2010.