Angle Divider Theorem for a Cyclic Quadrilateral

Angle Divider Theorem for a Cyclic Quadrilateral

For a proof of the quadrilateral case, read my AMESA 1996 paper An interesting Side-Angle Duality in Geometry.

For a side-angle dual of this result involving the side dividers of a circumscribed/tangential quadrilateral go to Side Divider Theorem for a Circumscribed Quadrilateral.

For dynamic versions of the Angle & Side Divider cases for a Triangle go to Conway's Circle Theorem as special case of Side Divider Theorem.

Proofs of this result, its dual & of the generalizations, are given in Some Adventures in Euclidean Geometry as well as generalizations to cyclic polygons with an even or odd number of sides. The book is available for purchase as a downloadable PDF, printed book or from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and on your computer with iTunes.

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