(Using my Rethinking Proofwith Sketchpadbook)

"Ireally enjoyed every session, Prof. You have inspired me to use the latest oftechnology in maths in my teaching. Using this method of teaching has helped megreatly to discover proofs on my own. I can really understand theorems wellnow. Prof, your enthusiasm and passion for geometry is evident in the extensivematerials you have come up with that is excellent for teaching. Being a visuallearner I benefited greatly. Thank you for modernizing geometry. You linked ourtopics to real life, telling us about the backgrounds of mathematicians andother stories, it made the lectures easy to listen to, I enjoyed it!" -Geometry Final Year, 2005, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Edgewood


“Ireally enjoyed working with the dynamic geometry software. I have alreadystarted incorporating it into my teaching & found it to be a tremendousresource. In addition, I thought emphasizing discovery learning to be arefreshing change of pace for a geometry course.” - Geometry Graduate (Masters)7714, Fall 06, Kennesaw State University


“I feelDr deV is the first true mathematician I have ever met … I loved thegeneralizing, specializing & challenges …” - Geometry Graduate (Masters)7714, Fall 06, Kennesaw State University


“Geometer’sSketchpad was an amazing tool that greatly enhanced my learning. The prof’sbook which walks you through Sketchpad activities was incredibly useful and afun way to learn.” - Geometry Graduate (Masters) 7714, Fall 07, Kennesaw StateUniversity


“Theself discovery aspect of the textbook written by de Villiers is wonderful” -Geometry Graduate (Masters) 7714, Fall 07, Kennesaw State University