Free Download of Geometer's Sketchpad

Sketchpad 5

Exciting news is that SKETCHPAD 5 IS NOW FREE for everyone, and can be downloaded from FREE SKETCHPAD (for Mac) or as a zipped file directly from FREE SKETCHPAD (for Windows) (89 MB).
(Note: The 5.1 Beta version for Mac is license free, but you need to unlock the license for Sketchpad 5 for Windows as explained below).

Important: After unzipping & installing the software (for Windows use the .exe file to install), when you are prompted, use the License Name and Authorization Code provided below to unlock your license for Sketchpad 5. Use all characters and spaces as shown, including the 6-character code that appears at the end of the License Name.

License name: Pythagoras Single User License 1863 KJUJAM
Authorization code: BDFBF968

After unlocking with the License Name and Authorization Code above, your version of Sketchpad will be fully functional and no longer in Demo mode.

If not familiar with Sketchpad, go to the 'Help' menu on the top right & work through the built-in tutorials in the 'Learning Center'. Enjoy!

Other Resources
1) Download many more free activity sketches and view online tutorials at: Key Curriculum. Click on the 'Free Activities' tab and choose from Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus to download and use GSP files. Click on the 'Online Tutorials' tab for help regarding making constructions, etc.
2) A number of very useful pre-recorded webinars about Sketchpad are also available on YouTube to view at: Sketchpad Webinars.

Other Free Downloads
1) Download Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad as a PDF at Download Rethinking Proof.
2) Download Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad 5 sketches at Rethinking GSP 5 Sketches as a zipped file.
3) Download Sketchpad Workshop Guide as a PDF at GSP Workshop Guide.
4) Download Sketchpad Sample Sketches and Custom Tools for GSP 5.1 at GSP 5.1 Sample Sketches and Custom Tools as a zipped file.
5) Download Advanced GSP Sketch Gallery at Advanced Sketchpad Gallery as a zipped file.
6) Download 101 Project Ideas with Sketchpad at 101 Project Ideas with Sketchpad as a zipped file, containing a PDF and some accompanying GSP sketches.

Sketchpad Activity Modules
1) To download PDF's of all the Sketchpad Activity modules, for example, ranging from 'Exploring Numbers & Operations', 'Developing Geometric Reasoning' and 'Ratio, Proportion & Probability' all the way through to 'Algebra', 'PreCalculus', 'Conic Sections' and 'Calculus' click here: Sketchpad Activity Modules.
2) To download zipped files of the accompaning Sketchpad files for the above activity modules go here: Zipped Sketchpad Activity files.

Zipped Sketchpad Files of some Talks/Presentations
Rethinking Proof with The Geometer's Sketchpad by Steven Rasmussen, President, Key Curriculum Press, NCTM, 2003.
Using Technology to Investigate Mathematics in Islamic Art: A Hands-On Workshop with Sketchpad by Steven Rasmussen, President, Key Curriculum Press, NCTM, 2005.
Go Deeper with Young Learners Using Sketchpad by Rhea Irvine and Daniel Scher, presented at the NCTM 2006 Annual Meeting, this talk demonstrates Sketchpad activities that actively engage students with the topics of textbook lessons in a variety of math strands.
Dynamic Algebra Software: Bringing Functions Alive with Sketchpad by Scott Steketee, presented at the NCTM 2006 Annual Meeting, this talk looks at a number of activities in which the power of dynamic mathematics software gives students the opportunity to vary the variables, generate families of functions, and transform functions.
Discrete Mathematics & Dynamic Geometry by Nicholas Jackiw, KCP Technologies, 2007 NCTM, Atlanta, Georgia.

For users that want to use Sketchpad to create online activities, demonstrations or presentations for students and colleagues go to the WebSketchpad, the Tool Library, and the Sketch Viewer site.
Visit the excellent blog Sine of the Times by Daniel Scher who uses WebSketchpad to create learning activities and interesting, informative posts ranging from elementary mathematics, geometry, geometric functions, advanced mathematics, conic sections through to assessment.

Please feel free to share this information with your students or other teachers.

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