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Welcome to my two websites - hope you enjoy & find them useful. Please click on the links below to access them.

Click on Downloadable papers of Michael de Villiers . This site contains downloads of many of my published papers in mathematics and mathematics education, a more or less quarterly e-Newsletter with updates about mathematics conferences, books and websites, as well as links to other sites, etc.

Click on Dynamic Geometry Sketches. This site has interactive Java sketches which demonstrate generalizations of several famous and beautiful theorems in mathematics such as Napoleon, Viviani, nine-point circle, Euler line, Neuberg, Van Aubel, Spieker circle, Fermat-Torricelli points, etc. It also includes Student Explorations which contain problems, challenges, explorations, and classroom material of interest hopefully to both students and teachers of mathematics in school as well as undergraduate level at university.

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NEW! Problem solving and logical thinking games for young children Contact dynamic learn @mweb. co. za (without the spaces) to order.

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