Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad Reviews

rethinking proof cover

rethinking proof classroom 1991

(Developing Rethinking Proof Sketchpad activities with UDW students - 1991)

Rethinking Proof Reviews

Mathematics Teacher, March 2000, p. 254.

The Mathematical Gazette, 89(514), March 2005, pp 124-126.

Mathematics in School, May 2007.

The Scottish Mathematical Council Journal, No.36, Spring 2007, p. 72.


Free Downloads
1) Download Sketchpad 5 & unlock for free after installation with provided code at Download GSP 5.
2) Download Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad as a PDF at Download Rethinking Proof.
3) Download Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad 5 sketches at Rethinking GSP 5 Sketches as a zipped file.
4) Download Sketchpad Sample Sketches and Custom Tools for GSP 5.1 at GSP 5.1 Sample Sketches and Custom Tools as a zipped file.

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